Social Responsibility
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  Economies of Central Tianli not just the interests of society as a cell body, or society as a whole accumulation of wealth, social civilization and progress, an important enabler environmental sustainability. China Zhongtian force in the development process fully consider the economic, social, environmental triple bottom line, realized the importance of social responsibility, employee growth in attention, attention to environmental protection, rescue groups in society need to be concerned have played a key role. 

  Between July 2012 -2014 in April for two years, although the task is heavy business schedule tight, but business leaders still put the public welfare in an important position, continue to allocate funds to subsidize the purchase of necessities vulnerable social groups, corporate welfare for the stated position : doing good so it should be from the heart to give, to promote the public welfare campaign to become the norm, we must continue to open some windows, manufacturing opportunities for public welfare services, initially did not always achieve immediate results, but it has absolutely nothing to do changed. The company has always firmly believe that over time the accumulation of social welfare will eventually become a corporate responsibility extended to every corner.