Aluminum and the use of renewable

  In addition to steel to aluminum is currently the largest amount of metal in the world. In the non-ferrous metals , aluminum front matter are located in reserves, production , consumption aspect .

  Aluminum from ore to the metal , to the high cost of finished goods , great energy . Only an electrolysis process to produce one ton of aluminum 13000-15000 kWh would need one hour electricity. The regeneration of aluminum scrap metal , and then make the energy consumption, materials consumption is greatly reduced , saving resources and costs. Thus , the aluminum waste recycling , reuse, save the planet from both resources, saving energy consumption, costs, shorten production process cycle , or from environmental protection, improvements in various aspects of human ecological environment has enormous significance.

  Civil, military , construction, transport , communications, electronic telecommunications, household appliances, electrical, mechanical , aluminum is almost omnipresent in all walks of life . With the increase in production , usage, the amount of waste aluminum products is also growing . Moreover, many are single-use aluminum products , from products to products made of the loss of value in use of shorter duration. Therefore, these sources become obsolete miscellaneous materials contamination . How the use of renewable problem is very urgent.

  Recycled aluminum in the major developed countries in the production of aluminum increasingly prominent position . Developed aluminum and recycled aluminum possession close to or exceed a 1:1 ratio . For this reason, the aluminum waste recycling has become the world attaches great importance to the work , and has become an important industry.

  Collection and recycling of aluminum is a very complex technical work , the use of a wide range of aluminum products , the use of decentralized , focused on how to recycle , classification, etc. come to realize the regeneration process is very complicated huge project. Secondly , different alloy compositions worldwide , hundreds of different performance alloys , many of which constituent elements of the alloy mutually exclusive , incompatible . How the easiest way , the lowest cost , most efficient process where the waste Al regenerating ingredients satisfactory and alloy requirements, performance meet the quality can reach or near native level of material recycling technology is the countries in the world in the industry in pursuit of goals .