Employee benefits policy
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Offers generous benefits and reflects the value of employees for employees with competitive compensation :

1 , including monthly wage constitutes wages, bonuses , allowances , subsidies , and other year-end awards ;

2 , according to state regulations for the relevant insurance for employees , and the company under conditions permitting handled as other insurance in favor of employees;

3 , solve field single employee accounts ;

4 , in addition to the state 's various holidays , the company provides a year of not less than six days of paid leave ;

5 , the annual subsidy from time to organize and staff travel ;

6 , title company employees conduct the assessment , and other related fees paid by the company .

Employee Care Activities :

1 , in order to allow employees to work students feel at ease and be able to cut collective concern, the staff birthday , child birth, marriage , and three major festivals each year the company will have varying degrees of sympathy .

2, in order to increase communication and cohesion among employees , departments will organize a month -sector activities , in various forms, expense borne entirely by the company.

3 , for the health of employees , the company will organize a variety of sports activities from time to time , so that employees in the rest time can strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness.