Personnel Policy
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  Personnel policy - development, training policies ( training research benefits ) , job prospects

  Companies adhering to the people-oriented business purposes, firmly believe that talent is the fundamental development of the company . Since its inception, through the joint efforts of all staff , the company created a sincere cooperation , pioneering team atmosphere , the rapid development of enterprises , the steady expansion of the workforce .

  Comprehensive capacity

  Companies for different jobs have different requirements . But in general, we value the comprehensive ability , namely: knowledge, skills and attitudes.

  Career Design

  Companies concerned about every employee career development goals and design , which is an important part of company management among . Designed to help employees more than just a career to help them achieve personal goals , more important is to help employees truly understand their own , and further assess their own inner and outer edge , to design their own out of a more reasonable and feasible career development.


  Companies hope that every employee can enjoy work , receiving inspiration and challenges at work , with emphasis on individual and corporate growth . Organization should like families, in which all employees to trust each other , understanding, support , employees at all levels are committed to business goals, and is happy to own growth , success and colleagues contribute to the success of the entire company .

  Salaries and benefits

  Offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits programs to attract , retain and motivate talented people , encourage enterprises to continuously sustained and rapid development .

  Training and Development

  Company employees to the company's learning , development and improvement , through the provision of basic induction training for employees , job qualification training and incentives to improve training to enable the company to get the appropriate staff positions corresponding training .

  The company also developed a new employee probation assessment and positive management approach , the new employee during the trial period , to give more guidance and support, so that new employees work more positive objective , rigorous and standardized.